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Thank you for the interest in our company. Bosto tablets are very popular in Asia аnd gaining more and more popularity all around the world. We create Bosto brand to show that interactive pen display can be an affordable commodity.

The story of our factory originates in October, 2005. Bosto Kingtee founders come from artists and engineers, therefore they are able to deeply understand the creativity process and needs, and have the ability to apply their knowledge to create really good product.
Bosto tablets had been awarded by prizes of Shenzhen University, Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Hubei Institute of Fine Arts.

Bosto is an international team, some members are from Japan, Singapore, Germany and USA, they are very talented people. Bosto team take innovation as the core, forge ahead, and constantly develop exciting work. Every member of Bosto team is convinced that we are developing a good affair. We firmly believe that “Concentration achieves excellence and creation leads the future”.

Encouraging technical cooperation with Universities and laboratories of Japan and Israel, Bosto team constantly improves our products in colour, touch accuracy, speed performance and other technical characteristics.

Also through depth cooperation with ADOBE, AUTODESK, SAI, including other software companies, Bosto products are seamless compatible with its soft, maximizing each other strengths.

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