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Graphics tablet Bosto kingtee 13HD. The real alternative to cin tiq.

Bosto 13HD#

The compact model in Bosto graphics tablet line. It was released with the aim of helping people needing in the tablet which could be set up on the go or on compact environments. The main feature of this model is real portability. The tablet weights is only 0.8 kg and for the plug-in device there is only a single USB cable. That makes the installation ultimately fast. 13HD has IPS screen and the full HD resolution. The one on market single USB 3.0 tablet of nowadays. Just a USB connection is enough to get an image on the tablet and draw & create.

The tablet have 1 set of buttons on the side, which speeds up the working process. The pen contains a battery like the pen for 22U mini.

Dear friends, we started to recieve many quality complaints and warranty support requests for tablets Bosto 13HD which appeared to be counterfeit and fakes are sold under Bosto brand. We ask you to make sure that you purchased your tablet this official website of our factory and our aliexpress store. We regularly recieve such mails: "Good evening, I have the graphics tablet Bosto 13 \ "and it does not detect the pencil. What do I have to do? \ R \ n \ r \ nThanks." We are sorry to refuse from warranty support to tens of requests due to low quality fakes purchased somewhere else.

screen size 33.8 cm
technology H-IPS LED
resolution 1920x1080
viewing angle 178° (89°/89° H, 89°/89° V)
backlight LED
color gamut 75% Adobe RGB
industry standard pre-sets 6500° K whitepoint default
aspect ratio 16:9
colour depth 16.7 m
contrast 700:1
luminance 250cd/m2
connection USB 3.0 (strongly required)
weight 0.08 kg
type detachable
dimensions 360*227*14 mm
weight 0.8 kg
color black
power consumption 2.5 wt
resource 30,000 hours
system requirements PC: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
express keys 8 programmable buttons
warranty 12 months for the tablet itself and 3 month for accessories
pressure technology cordless, built-in battery
pressure levels 2048
initial pressure 3-6 gr.
reading technology patented electromagnetic resonance
buttons 2 side button, one programmable
200 pts/sec
tablet resolution 5080 lpi
Pen 1
nibs 3 + 1 in pen
tweed case 1
cleaning cloth 1
driver cd 1
manual 1

model is available for on-line purchase

priceincluding worldwide shipping $599