Graphics tablet Bosto kingtee 19mb.

kingtee 19MB#

A newer model in graphics tablets line, released in the begining of 2012 year with the same matrix and pen-reading sensor. Speed of reading is the same to MA-version and equal to 200 points per second. This model is an even more affordable version than MA-model. The differences are in absence of buttons and a wheel. This changings make tablet best choice for those who prefers the keyboard-oriented scenario of a graphics tablet.

In addition, being a very lightweight tablet weighting just 3.6kg this model is very usefull in mounting on an arm-mount. This makes tablet very convinient in drawing as on the generic tablet keeping one right on the knees. This product had been certified to CE (european standart), FCC (american standart).
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view port 408.24*255.15 mm
resolution 1440x900
backlight type LED
aspect ratio 16:9
pixel size 0.270 x 0.270 mm
color depth 16.7m
contrast 1000:1
luminance 250cd/m2
connection HDMI / VGA / DVI
viewing angle (CR>=10) 85°/85° H, 80°/80° V
screen protection changeable protective film
size 290*265*32 mm
sise 290*265*32 mm
weight 0.85 kg
incline angle 30—80°
dimensions 49*453*302 (excl. stand)
weight 3.5 kg
colour black
power consumption 2V DC 3~3.3A 30 WT
resource 30,000 hours
system requirements Windows 7 / XP, Ubuntu Linux 13.04, MAC OSx Montain Lion
warranty 12 months
pressure levels 2048 at the tip
200 pts/sec
tablet resolution 5080 lpi
reading technology patented electromagnetic resonance
square size 9.2*141.2 mm
initial pressure 3-6 gr.
pen's weight 9.5 gr.
identical to weight of
with the same dimensions
Pen 1
charging device 1
tips 3
driver cd 1
VGA-VGA cable 1
DVI-HDMI cable 1
USB-USB cable 1
power adapter 1
HDMI-DVI adapter 1

model is not available for purchase

(Model description is in archive)
discontined as of the 22HD's release