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Buy Bosto Kingtee graphics tablet on-line


recommended dealers price $890
our factory on-line order price including shipping $699
  • Fast shipping: less than one week before we send the tablet;
    Buying right from Bosto factory is the fastest way of getting your purchase. No warehouse delay.

  • 12 months of REAL WARRANTY;
    We undertake all risks associated with the delivering of Bosto tablets. We also cover shipping costs in case if you need to send the flawed monitor back to the factory.

  • Shipping is worldwide and free;
    We will ship your Bosto tablet by DHL, UPS, EMS and other post services depending on your location. You will not have any additional charges from our side. Just place an order and get your Bosto by a courier.

  • Full check before sending it to the customer;
    All tablets are checked against dead pixels and other flaws. Be sure in a quality of Bosto devices.

  • Returns: accepted within 14 days;
    Buyer covers shipping costs.

  • Official factory support;
    You can rely on the factory engineering team regarding any of the problems that you can face during the installation.

  • Flawless service;
    We will be happy to help you as fast as possible.

The conditions above ensures you a positive buying experience. If you admit it, please proceed with sending the order form.

Note for your reference:

Current ETA is 2-3 weeks. And ~1 week before getting a tracking number. Also, please note that we do not send any confirmations with exception for the payment notification from Paypal. Consider it as a notification of a properly placed order. The next update of your status is the receiving the tracking number. We will send it to you once your order will be shipped to you.

Some of the recent orders:

Name model tracking by DHL Status
Angelo Coletto HD mini 1368821720 sent out
David L Williams 22U mini 9400110200881305943635 (USPS) sent out
Pierre Primeau Pen for 22HDX 4387868693 sent out
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Welcome to our official factory's Amazon store if you like buying there.

We are glad to let you know, that we offer special price for Kingtee 22U mini to customers from USA: $50 off!

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Also, you can buy Bosto accessories. They can be shipped along with the tablet.