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Buy bosto kingtee graphic tablet online


recommended dealers price $890
our factory online order price including shipping $699
  • Delivery term: ~1 week;
    Purchasing right from our factory is the fastest way of getting tablet because there is no warehouse delay.

  • Shipping is worldwide and free;
    We will ship to your door by DHL, UPS, EMS and other post services depending on your location. You will not have any additional charges. Just place an order and get your tablet by a courier.

  • Full checking of the device before sending it to the customer;
    All tablets shipped to customers are checked against dead pixels and other flaws. Be sure in a quality of Bosto devices.

  • Warranty: 12 months;
    We exchange devices which which were identified to be defective. We also cover shipping costs of the flawed tablet in case of any workmanship.

  • Returns: accepted within 14 days;
    Buyer covers shipment costs.

  • Lowest possible price, because you are buying right from the factory.
If you commit conditions listed above. Please, proceed to the sending of the order form.

Note for your reference:

You can not to fill your sending data again if you are placing order to bundle with your tablet which is already bought at the order page. (fill only if this is a separate order).

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